13 yo boy among dozens of dead in Slavyansk as Ukrainian army continues shell the city

By | June 9, 2014

June 9, 13 year old boy in the picture was hiding behind a van from Ukrainian army as they bombed the city. This time Ukrainian military bombed street market called “Slavyansk Boulevard” where locals buy their groceries. As shelling began, many took refuge in the basements of local apartment buildings. 13 year old boy was only able to make it to a van parked nearby. Minutes later van was hit with Ukrainian army shell and little boy was crushed.

13 year old boy murdered by Ukrainian army

13 year old boy murdered by Ukrainian army

Shelling of the town of Slavyansk has only gotten worse as new president Poroshenko took office and promised to stop violence. Ukrainian army and national guard have stopped many locals from leaving the city as they try to flee armed conflict.

Many cross Ukraine/Russia border illegally to escape violence. Russia has already took in over ten thousand refugees from southeastern Ukraine as Kiev’s army continues punitive operation against those regions. Ukrainian refugees are housed in various summer camps. Many hotel and camp owners volunteered their premises to house women and children for free while fighting continues.

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