15 yo power-lifting champion of the world visits Donetsk to support self-defense forces in its fight against Ukrainian aggression

By | October 23, 2014

Absolute world record holder of 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 years, holder of over 15 world records in power lifting Maryana Naumova arrived in Donetsk.

maryana naumove in Donetsk maryana naumova and arnold schwartzeneger

Maryana was first ever girl under 14 yo to bench press 154 pounds. She came to Donetsk to support locals in their struggle against Ukrainian nationalist military aggression. She will hold several training sessions with local kids.

“I already have all possible medals that I could’ve gotten, how I want to do some public good.” – said Maryana – “I will tell kids about sports, healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, I wish for them not to be afraid. There’s a war going on, it’s scary here, but they can’t be deprived of their childhood. I’m still in high school myself. I wish to all my peers in Donetsk People’s Republic peace and patience.”

Maryana admitted that she was terrified to come to Donetsk, but the desire to help her peers in Donetsk was stronger.

“I wanted to take their mind off the situation, deescalate their mind a little” – said Mariana – “When I crossed the border, I saw destroyed tanks, I was very afraid. Here self-defense forces of Donetsk with rifles are protecting me. It’s an unusual feeling. I live on a military base. In a few days I will give few lessons in a school here. Maybe some of self-defense soldiers will join us. Some exercise will be good for them” – she smiled.

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