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Locals try to collect dead bodies near the airport, Ukrainian snipers kill more locals

Ukrainian soldiers killed six people that were trying to collect dead bodies near Donetsk airport, Alexander Boroday – head of DPR reports: “We were trying to collect dead bodies near Donetsk airport, but Ukrainian army started shooting at us and at the ambulance that followed us. As a result six people have died. Dead bodies… Read More »

Ukraine’s National Guard members are looting Donetsk airport

    Lifenews news agency has obtained a copy of Donetsk airport security camera footage. Members of National Guard and regular army soldiers are stationed in Kiev controlled airport in Donetsk. Video footage clearly shows Ukrainian National Guard (legalized Right Sector radicals) looting local businesses and passenger’s belongings. Anything of value quickly ends up in… Read More »

Inel: around 300 mercenaries are fighting against southeastern Ukraine

Around 300 Ukrainian military contractors that fought for Syrian opposition against president Bashar Asaad in March-April came back to Ukraine and are taking part in military punitive operation against southeastern region of what used to be Ukraine. Upon arrival mercenaries have joined radical battalions of Right Sector that are taking part in punitive operation. Same… Read More »

Ukrainian army shells schools and houses

May 28, Ukrainian army and newly formed National Guard that is made up of neo-Nazi Right Sector radicals daily shells towns in what used to be southeastern Ukraine. Ukrainian news channels try to demonize whole regions of Donbass and Lugansk and report that brave Ukrainian soldiers kill separatists. However, it is local population, farmers, teachers,… Read More »

Chechens always keep their word, Chechen volunteers in Donetsk (video)

May 27, president of the Chechen republic have often criticized Right Sector movement in Ukraine for its violence against civilians after several Right Sector radicals admitted to fighting in Chechnya on the side of terrorists in 1990s. It was then mr. Kadyrov said that radicals who admitted to fighting against Chechen people will follow dead… Read More »

Kiev claims not to target civilians, hundreds of videos show otherwise

May 26, Despite hundreds of videos, hundreds of pictures, and thousands of eyewitnesses Kiev keeps repeating that they do not target civilians in the southeastern part of the country. Video below shows direct hit to a local house during today’s bombing:   Another video shows indiscriminate bombing in civilian neighborhood: