Monthly Archives: June 2014

Checkpoint Izvarino: Russian territory remained under fire for several hours

Checkpoint Izvarino under heavy fire. «We were under fire till the middle of the night. Bullets were flying over our yards and homes, one guy was shot in the chest,” said paramedic from the local refugee camp. According to the paramedic the camp and residential buildings are 500 meters away from the border with Ukraine. «Now we do not know what… Read More »

Self-defense forces destroyed Ukraine National Guard checkpoint – video

June 27 is a last day of a ceasefire between attacking Ukrainian army and local self-defense forces. During the ceasefire Ukrainian army have reinforced its positions, brought more arms and tanks to the region, and are combat ready to reengage locals. After Ukrainian army have broke ceasefire several times this week self-defense forces are more… Read More »

Toronto rallies against Ukraine killing its own people – photos

Toronto this week came out to protest Ukraine’s killing of its own people. Ever since new president was installed in Ukraine as a result of a violent coup many radical, nationalist, and outright fascist officials have been installed in Ukrainian parliament and other parts of government. Very first laws that new government passed were bans… Read More »

Refugees from Ukraine in Izhevsk prefer to sleep on the floor over returning to Ukraine

Two weeks ago, June 9, a family of refugees from Ukraine came to Izhevsk, Russia. Samoilov family, just like many others, escaped Donbass region to get away from flying bullets and artillery shelling. Finally, despite many difficulties, they feel safe. Samoilov family lived in Gorlovka all their lives. Gorlovka is about 20 miles from Slavyansk… Read More »

Kiev will force elderly to shoot their countrymen

Kiev has passed a law raising maximum age to sixty for every men who can be mobilized to fight for them.  In light of recent defeats, low morale, desertions, and huge losses Ukrainian army is in dire need of reinforcements. However, Kiev has already mobilized everyone they could to fight people that oppose Kiev’s fascist… Read More »