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Ukrainian army shells city of Donetsk July 21, 2014 – video

July 21, Ukrainian army once again is targeting civilian sectors in Donetsk region. As time goes by Ukrainian army more and more frequently focuses its bombing on civilian sectors, train stations, and bus stations trying to stop locals from leaving. Today’s target was train station in the city of Donetsk. Locals managed to get some… Read More »

Ukrainian army bombs city of Lugansk killing more civilians – photos

On July 18 Ukrainian army besides shelling local villages in Lugansk region are now also bombing the city of Lugansk. Dozens of innocent civilians are dead. No real harm has been done to self-defense forces. Therefore, the only conclusion we can come to is that either Ukrainian artillery soldiers ave very unprofessional and are not… Read More »

Resident of Lugansk dies while covering toddler with his own body during shelling by Ukrainian army

July 14, this morning when Ukrainian army began indiscriminate bombing of the city of Lugansk, one of local residents was seen by locals to cover a stroller with a toddler with his own body, shielding it from shrapnel. It is not known whether unknown man was related to the toddler. While unknown man was killed,… Read More »

Self-defense forces shot down AN-26 Ukrainian airplane, thwarted tank attack

July 14, Self-defense forces of Lugansk region last night have thwarted major tank attack by Ukrainian army. Around 70 tanks, numerous armored personnel carriers, artillery stations, air force and thousands of Ukrainian soldiers have attacked city of Lugansk to force coup installed radical, nationalist Kiev rule upon the region. Despite being greatly outnumbered and being… Read More »