Monthly Archives: September 2014

Tires burning in Kiev, neo-Nazis fighting police… again… – video, photos

September 16, Right Sector and other nationalist organizations through violent coup successfully installed their people in the Kiev government in February. First law that they passed was to outlaw Russian language, as it was naturally expected from a social nationalist government. They have changed history books, destroyed and dismantled multiple statues of WW2 memorials, and… Read More »

Self-defense forces push Ukrainian army out of Donetsk airport – video

First artillery battalion of Donetsk self-defense – Kalmius – has its hands full as it’s trying to liberate Donetsk airport which is occupied by Ukrainian army. Despite cease-fire being in effect, Ukrainian army daily shells locals from their stronghold in Donetsk airport. After lots of deliberation, to prevent further civilian deaths self-defense forces decided to… Read More »

Interview with Ukrainian POWs captured by self-defense forces

British journalist Graham Phillips have traveled to Novorossia -region that is trying to separate itself from the rest of Ukraine after nationalist regime was install in Kiev as a result of a violent coup. Self-defense forces let Graham talk to Ukrainian POWs they captured while Ukrainian army attacked self proclaimed Republic of Novorossia. English subtitles: