Monthly Archives: November 2014

Donetsk People’s Republic to begin paying pensions to senior citizens in December

November 29, Donetsk People’s Republic government will begin paying pensions to senior citizens that live on its territory. DPR government ordered pension fund, ministry of finance and labor ministry to begin payments to senior citizens starting on December 1. Amount that seniors will get was also set. Due to Ukrainian aggression on Donetsk and government’s… Read More »

Field commander of Novorossia unite – first join meeting – photos

November 29, in the beginning when Ukrainian army began to attack cities of Donetsk and Lugansk to impose new regime’s rule locals began forming self-defense units to protect their cities. By now many groups have grown to the size of battalions. Most of self-defense groups operated independently from one another, defending their towns. When new… Read More »

Attacking Ukrainian tanks and APCs destroyed in Donetsk airport – photos

November 27, Ukrainian army has once again tried to attack local self-defense forces in Donetsk airport. They sent several tanks and several APCs to attack airport. Almost all of the aggressor’s machinery has been destroyed. Later, Ukrainian artillery accidentally hit new Donetsk airport terminal, setting building where their soldiers were hiding on fire. Photos: