Monthly Archives: December 2014

Three Ukrainian POWs refused to return during prisoner exchange

Between towns of Avdeevka and Yasinovataya on a neutral territory Ukrainian army and self-defense forces agreed to an exchange of POWs on December 26. 150 Ukrainian POWs were suppose to be exchanged for 225 captured self-defense forces. However, exchange formula didn’t work, three Ukrainian POWs captured by self-defense forces refused to return to poor conditions… Read More »

Photos: Donetsk and Lugansk light up Christmas trees despite Ukrainian shelling

Cities of Donetsk and Lugansk lit up Christmas trees despite ongoing aggression by Ukrainian army. As scary as it may seem, many locals got used constant shelling by Ukrainian army. While many joined local self-defense forces to push the aggressors back, others adapted to living under constant threat and are trying to live their lives.… Read More »

Convoy of Polish fire trucks moving through Ukraine – Video

A convoy of fire trucks with Polish license plates has been seen moving from the city of Kharkov in direction of Kiev. It is not yet clear why so many Polish fire trucks suddenly appeared in Ukraine. Some locals speculate that trucks could’ve brought arms and ammunition for Polish mercenaries that are fighting for new… Read More »

Schoolgirl killed by Ukrainian shell

On December 19 Karina Belonog and her mom Yana were walking from school in the town of Gorlovka when Ukrainian troops began shelling the town again. One of the shells fell on Karina and Yana. Young Karina died instantly, her mom Yana is unconscious in intensive care unit in local hospital.

Photos of Donetsk airport today

Donetsk airport: Ukrainian army keeps pushing in its effort to force locals into recognizing new Kiev regime that rose in the light of illegal government overthrow. Virtually all terminals in the airport have been destroyed. Ukrainian army uses airport to direct artillery fire from town of Avdeevka and Peski to target city of Donetsk. Photos: