Monthly Archives: June 2015

Ukrainian student insulted memory of Polish Jews murdered by Nazis

Ukrainian student Vlad Kucher posted photos where he shows middle finger toward graves of Polish Jews that were murdered by Fascists in WW2. Many outraged Poles voice their concerns on social network. College in Lublin, Poland where Kucher attended has dismissed Kucher. Polish immigration services have started deportation procedure based on racial hatred. Polish news… Read More »

Photos: shelling of Lugansk airport by Ukrainian troops

Ukrainian troops shelled Lugansk airport earlier today. Unwilling to hold dialog with people of Donetsk and Lugansk, Ukrainian regime is still trying to submit them by force. Photos, Lugansk airport after being shelled by Ukrainian troops:    

Video: combating drunkards in Ukrainian army

Ukrainian regime is still refusing to hold dialog with regions that do not recognize the result of violent coup of 2014. Ukrainian regime is trying to mobilize more and more people into the army so they could submit people of Donetsk by force. Ukrainian army recruiters are forced to mobilize by force anyone who even… Read More »

Photos: Ukrainian nationalists hold ISIS flag

Ukrainian nationalist “Tornado” battalion members have been participating in the aggression against Donetsk and Lugansk regions ever since coup installed Kiev regime attacked people that disagreed with the result of west sponsored revolution of 2014. It’s members consists of people from many walks of life. Starting with youngsters that seek higher purpose in life and… Read More »

Another accident caused by drunk Ukrainian troops – photo

Members of Azov nationalist battalion under the influence of alcohol caused a car accident on the corners of Oktyabrskaya street and Artema street in the city of Mariupol. Car belonging to members of Ukrainian nationalist battalion ran into an ambulance which had its emergency lights on. Witnesses say that nationalists were “pretty drunk”. Witnesses also… Read More »