Monthly Archives: July 2015

Video: Ukrainian soldier shoots a civilian in supermarket in Kharkov

On Thursday night, July 30th unknown man, later identified as a soldier in Ukrainian army, has stepped into a supermarket. He was followed by another man, later identified as shooter’s friend. As the man approached the shooter, Ukrainian soldier fired one round into his friend’s chest. Police later concluded that both men were under the… Read More »

Photos: Ukrainian forces burn Christian Orthodox icons in Shirokino

These may seem like pictures taken in an Islamist state where Christians are being prosecuted. Sadly, these were taken in the middle of the Europe. Near Donetsk region, Ukrainian forces are burning Christian Orthodox icons. Christian Orthodoxy is the main religion in Donetsk and Lugansk Republics. Photos:  

300 children from war torn Donetsk have arrived to Crimea

On July 27 300 children from Republic of Donetsk have left for Crimea for the summer to escape daily shelling by Ukrainian regime. Earlier this year over 4800 children from Donetsk have arrived to Krasnodarsky region, Rostovskaya region and Crimea where kids can be kids again, where they won’t have to hide in the basement… Read More »

Ukrainian border patrol shot Russian tourists

Ukrainian border guard, near “Krasnaya Talovka” border crossing point, opened fire at Russian tourists, who were taking a selfie. One man has been taken to the hospital with a bullet wound – says Nikolay Sinitsyn, FSB. Incident happened Sunday night. Victims said that they were relaxing at a nearby waterfront which is located on the… Read More »

Photos: 33rd humanitarian convoy from Russia reached Donetsk

Humanitarian convoy from Russia  has brought 500 tons of food and medicine to war torn Donetsk region. People of Donetsk, who suffer from military aggression from new Ukrainian regime, received 33rd humanitarian convoy since August of 2014. Photos: