Monthly Archives: August 2015

UK Daily Mail: Ukrainian girl, three, gives Nazi salute and vows to ‘cut Russians’ while brandishing a huge knife in a shocking home video

 A shocking video has emerged of a young girl brandishing a large knife while giving the Nazi salute with her other. The youngster, who is not old enough to start school, can be heard shouting ‘Seig Heil’ or ‘hail victory’ while excitedly bouncing and raising her right arm in the Hitler salute. Behind her, a… Read More »

Photos: In Kharkov, Ukraine man beaten for wearing ‘wrong’ t-shirt

Several Ukrainian nationalists have come to paint on a monument in Kharkov, Ukraine. When they were almost done vandalizing the monument, they saw a man wearing a red t-shirt that read CCCP. Ukrainian nationalists left the monument alone and began chasing and beating a middle aged man, who was unlucky enough to be in the… Read More »

Photos: children of Donetsk

Just as Ukrainian president Poroshenko promised, children of Donetsk are hiding in the basement. Original Poroshenko’s message: As a result of constant shelling by Ukrainian regime forces many buildings in Donetsk are in rubble, among which orphaned children find their shelter. Children that lost their parents wander among the ruble, looking for their mommies and… Read More »

Photos: Ukrainian munition self-detonates, again

This past week we’ve seen several cases where Ukrainian munition that is used by pro-Kiev forces have detonated without any apparent outside involvement. This time Ukrainian munition has detonated near the town of Schastie where pro-Kiev forces are stationed near the city of Donetsk. Is it a carefully planned defense measure by self-defense forces of… Read More »

Video: Ukrainian cannons blow up while shooting toward Alexandrovka

Two Ukrainian cannons blew up during another daily shelling of Donetsk region. This time pro-Ukrainian forces began shelling town of Alexandrovka. Locals say that it usually starts at around 10pm, shelling continues for about two hours, then they take a brake and shelling resumes later at night. Last night locals got lucky. When shelling started… Read More »