Monthly Archives: November 2015

Poroshenko met in France by mechanics and a cop during climate change summit – PHOTO

Ukrainian president Poroshenko has landed in France on November 29 to attend climate change summit. Ukraine did lower its emissions into the air in the past year and a half, mainly due to mass closure of factories. However, instead of gratitude for fighting climate change Poroshenko got quite a cold welcome. Stepping down from a… Read More »

Ukrainian Right Sector Extremists are blocking court in Odessa, demand freedom for murderers

Ukrainian Right Sector extremists are blocking court building in Odessa, Ukraine. They are calling for release of prisoners that murdered and set people on fire on May 2nd, 2014 in Odessa. They also call for judges, who refuse bail to prisoners, to resign. “We won’t leave until judges resign” – blogged leader of Odessa maidan… Read More »

Ukrainian Right Sector extremists pull their forces to Donetsk – Map

Donetsk recon units report that extremist nationalist Ukrainian Right Sector organization has been concentrating personnel and arms near Donetsk – said deputy commander of Defense Ministry of Donetsk Eduard Basurin. “Near Bakhmutovka region (in Kiev occupied Yasinovatskiy locality) has been recorded arrival of three tanks. North of Gorlovka two tanks, one armored vehicle and 60… Read More »

OSCE observers visit sites in Donetsk that were bombed by Ukrainian army – PHOTOS

Last night Ukrainian forces opened fire at Oktyabrskiy and Kuibyshevskiy parts of the city of Donetsk. Two houses and a gas pipeline have been damaged. It seems that Ukrainian forces used 120 mm shells to attack the city. 120 mm shells according to Minsk agreements had to be relocated at least 15 km from the… Read More »

Unarmed people against Ukrainian tanks – VIDEO

Before people of Donetsk took up weapons in 2014, before announcing their independence from Ukraine due to coup installed regime’s nationalist ideology, before the civil war broke out, coup installed Kiev regime sent its army to southeastern region of Ukraine to reinforce its self-proclaimed rule in the country. People, unhappy with armed takeover of the… Read More »