Monthly Archives: December 2015

Ukrainian sniper shooting at European and Donetsk investigators – VIDEO

European OSCE observers and Donetsk Republic representatives were shot at by Ukrainian sniper during an investigation in the town of Kominternovo where they studied consequences of Ukrainian army shelling of the area. Update: according to DPR intelligence OSCE observers and Donetsk investigators were shot at by Ukrainian 56th motorized infantry brigade. Video:

Protesters in Kiev, Ukraine brought pig in a casket to the government building – VIDEO, PHOTOS

In Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, protesters brought a casket with pig in it to the building of Verhovna Rada where president and other government officials preside. People are protesting 2016 budget where funding for agricultural and other farming has been cut. While new Ukrainian regime is trying hard to implement new European standards many… Read More »

Christmas tree salesman tried to sell machine gun in Kiev

Christmas tree salesman in Kiev, Ukraine wasn’t just selling trees out if his yard. Up for sale he had a WW2 machine gun. He was asking 2000 hryvnas for it. An undercover officer made a purchase and arrested tree salesman. Investigation continues. Police is trying to find out where the machine gun is originated.

Another Ukrainian politician thrown in a trash bin by nationalists – PHOTOS

Nikolay Shershun, Ukrainian politician was thrown in a large trash bin by Ukrainian nationalists right in front of city hall in the town of Rovno, Ukraine. First nationalists kicked elder gentleman on the ground yelling out nationalist slogans. After violent coup in Kiev in February, 2014 it has become commonplace for radical nationalists to throw… Read More »