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SS Galicia (Schutzstaffel Galizische) creation anniversary celebrated in western Ukraine – PHOTOS

April 28, anniversary of creation of Ukrainian SS division loyal to Nazi Germany has been celebrated in the city of Lviv, western Ukraine. SS division or Schutzstaffel, which SS Galicia was a part of, was a major paramilitary organization under Adolf Hitler. The SS was the organization most responsible for the genocidal killing of an… Read More »

Georgian mercenary killed in Avdeevka

April 29, Georgina mercenary Rezo Tsiklauri who was fighting for coup installed Ukrainian regime has been killed in Avdeevka. Rezo has joined Ukrainian regime forces and participated in attacks on people of Donetsk after majority of people of Donetsk region refused to recognize armed takeover of the Ukrainian government by various radical nationalist organizations in… Read More »

Locals fighting off Ukrainian neo-nazis – VIDEO

April 23, members of nationalist Azov battalion have been touring around Ukraine, knocking down various monuments and memorials that do not go hand in hand with Ukrainian nationalist ideology, while other members of the same battalion are still attacking people of Donetsk in south-eastern Ukraine for not recognizing the results of an armed coup that… Read More »

Ukrainian neo-nazis vandalized Red Army memorial – PHOTOS

Kharkov, Ukrainian neo-nazis vandalized a memorial to 43rd Red Army brigade, drawing swastikas and other offensive graffiti. At around 10 am local time Kharkov police got a call about vandalism in Fruzensky part of the city where memorial is located. Kharkov mayor Kernes has made an announcement that what happened is probably a provocation before… Read More »

Died for truth, journalist assassinated by Ukrainian neo-Nazis

April 16, 2016 is a one year anniversary of the murder of an outspoken Ukrainian journalist Oles Buzina. Oles’ assassination was the third in a row of political killings within four days: Sergey Sukhobok (April 13, 2015); Oleg Kalashnikov (April 15, 2015); and Oles Buzina (April 16, 2015). Oles Buzina: Why are the Western media silent… Read More »

American policeman seeks asylum in Russia

John Mark Dugan from Florida is seeking political asylum in response to the pressure from US government over his human rights work exposing various human rights violations and corruption in the police department. – Very difficult question, why I’m here. People do not understand, but we in the United States, too many problems with corruption.… Read More »