Monthly Archives: June 2016

Boxing heavyweight champ Tyson Fury calls out Ukrainian fascists – Video

Reigning boxing champion Tyson Fury was insulted by a former boxing champ and Kiev mayor Vladimir Klitschko by calling Fury “Hitler”. Fury calls out Klitschko with a reality check. While Fury’s relatives were murdered by Nazis, many Ukrainians in the west collaborated with them, trend that seems to have been passed down the generations and… Read More »

Neo-Nazis attack little girl for celebrating WW2 Victory Day – PHOTOS

Journalist Polina Orlovskaya was in Kiev observing celebrations of victory in WW2 over Nazi Germany. WW2 Victory Day is a huge celebration in eastern Europe since in the beginning of the war Hitler sent about 80% of his army to the eastern front, taking millions of lives. Everyone in Ukraine has a relative that was… Read More »