300 Chechen volunteers appear in Donetsk after Ukrainian politicians insulted Chechen leader and welcomed terrorist attack in Grozny

By | December 10, 2014

Several Ukrainian politicians welcomed terrorist attack in republic of Chechnya that took place on December 4th. Some Ukrainian lawmakers even made a sarcastic comments that Chechnya should be part of Ukraine and that Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov should be arrested. All terrorists have been killed by police. Several police officers have been murdered by the terrorists before law enforcement were able to neutralize them.

All Chechen volunteers that came to Donetsk are war veterans. For major part of the past two decades they have been actively fighting radical Islamists and terrorists in Caucasus region.


Several days after Chechen leader have been insulted by Ukrainian law makers 300 Chechen volunteers appeared in Donetsk region. Chechens came to the region to help local self-defense forces fight Ukrainian army. Ukrainian army for the past eight months have been trying to force locals into submission to a coup installed regime in Kiev. After ousting legitimately elected president of Ukraine in February, group of radical nationalists took control of the government and the army, installed their own president and forced other regions of Ukraine to recognize him.

Shady elections were held in May of this year in which Donetsk and Lugansk reginos did not participate. Still, Ukrainian army is trying for force local population to submit to what many call illegitimate and nationalist regime.

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