35th Humanitarian convoy from Russia reached Lugansk

By | August 14, 2015

Approximately 50 trucks from Russia have brought about 500 tons of humanitarian help to war torn Lugansk. While Ukrainian regime attacks Lugansk from the west, Russia is feeding people of Lugansk from the east.

About 101 tons of cargo are canned fish, 96 tons are canned meat, tea, 95 tons of sugar, 22 tons of non perishable milk based products, 68 tons of flour, 33 tons of pasta products, 20 tons of cooking oil, the rest of cargo is medicine.

As always members of OSCE and Ukrainian officials were given a chance to inspect the trucks.

35-й гумконвой МЧС РФ доставлен и разгружен в Луганске | Русская весна

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