91 year old tank commander is ready to protect his home again

By | February 28, 2015

Vladimir Dubodelov, 91 years old, despite his age is ready to protect his home once again just as he did in 1941 when Nazi Germany attacked. Last summer Ukraine stopped paying his pension despite the fact that Vladimir has been paying into the Ukrainian pension fund for the past 60 years.

Volunteers are trying to help Vladimir with food and medicine; however, Vladimir says that attention that he receives from volunteers is sometimes more important to him than medicine.

In 1941 Vladimir volunteered to join the army in the face of WW2. He eventually became T-34 tank commander. When WW2 ended he was in Radeberg, Germany.

Upon return to Donetsk Vladimir, just like many locals, became coal miner.

Having protected his homeland from Nazi threat once already, Vladimir says that he is ready to volunteer to self-defense forces of Donetsk to protect his home from new neo-Nazi threat that was unleashed on his land by coup installed nationalist regime in Kiev.

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