American from Texas helps Donetsk residents to fight off Ukrainian nationalist aggressors – video

By | April 10, 2015

Another American volunteer has joined the ranks of self-defense forces of Donetsk who protect locals from an aggression of coup imposed nationalist regime in Kiev.

After nationalists took control of Ukrainian government in Kiev through murders and violence in February of 2014, southeastern regions of Ukraine (Donetsk, Lugansk and others) refused to recognize new coup installed regime. Having taken control of the army new Kiev regime sent its army  and newly created national guard battalions to submit regions that would not recognize their regime. Many Ukrainian volunteer nationalist battalions were created and sent to submit southeast regions as well. Ukrainian volunteer battalions such as Aidar, Azov etc are comprised mostly of radical neo-nazis that personally participated in government overthrow in Kiev. Volunteer battalions are well armed, privately funded and do not answer to official government.

Self-defense force of Donetsk were created to protect locals that are against illegally installed regime in Kiev. Self-defense forces are comprised mostly of local men that took arms to protect their homes and families. However, more and more people come to join self-defense forces from abroad. Most foreigners that come to fightUkrainian nationalists are against proliferation of nazist and fascist ideology which is spreading throughout Ukraine today. So far we’ve encountered people in self-defense forces of Donetsk from Spain, France, Brazil, USA, Russia, Greece, Czech Republic, Latvia, Germany, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Uzbekistan and even one guy from Afghanistan.


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