American policeman seeks asylum in Russia

By | April 16, 2016

John Mark Dugan from Florida is seeking political asylum in response to the pressure from US government over his human rights work exposing various human rights violations and corruption in the police department.

Американский полицейский попросил политического убежища в России | Русская весна

– Very difficult question, why I’m here. People do not understand, but we in the United States, too many problems with corruption. Seven years ago, when I worked as a police officer, I was faced with a violation of human rights. I did not want to be part of it. When I started complaining, I was forced to leave. I opened the Web site where other police officers began to share what they had experienced corruption, as well as their thoughts on this issue – said Dugan.

Founded by John website has been taken down.

– A lot of situations that I have encountered. I am firmly convinced that the murder, crimes against children, theft, rape – this is a very serious crime – told the former police officer. – Open a lot of terrible cases. So, what ordinary citizens do not know. Our news did not report such cases, it turns out, cover the crime.
– Recently we got a recording in which a detective with the FBI investigator discussed that I would have to removed, imprison or eliminate other way. They want to harm me, in general. That was 8 months ago. They came to my home and took all my computers. We were trying to show the truth, but my country’s policy is that it is unprofitable, – said John Mark Dugan.


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