Americans sending aid to pro-Russian self-defense forces

By | August 30, 2014

Message from blogger Belinski:
“Two days ago I got two notes from post office. I was surprised. The package was from United States. I just got home and opened it.”

Package from USA for self-defense forces

Package from USA for self-defense forces

“Our American friends sent us lots of elbow pads. They are very comfortable! They even got a little rubber thingie so that pads don’t slide down the arm. We already tried using them as knee pads as well, they fit awesomely! In the package were also jackets, military sweater and a confederate flag! At the bottom of the package I found a a piece of paper that read: ‘America is with you!’ and a message on the other side of the paper.”

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Message reads: “This is a confederate flag, it look much like a flag of Novorossia! Confederates, just like south-east fought to separate from north American states. They were called “southerners”, “rebels”, “separatists”. I really want to believe that this time south-east is going to win!”

Thank you very much guys! Everything will be utilized by our guys who are defending their homes.


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