Battle in Slavyansk is ongoing

By | May 15, 2014

May 15, as of 9 pm local time, the battle near Slavyansk has been ongoing for ours. Clashes between newly established Donetsk People’s Republic and Kiev’s militia has sparked on and off for four straight days.

Kiev militia is slowly moving toward an intersection near Krasnyi Liman.

As of 9 pm DPR forces have pushed Kiev’s militia from its original checkpoints around Slavyansk away from the city with help of light artillery fire.

DNR military intelligence reported many tranches around the place where Ukrainian militia was. DNR forced are not prepared to move out toward those position in the night time, only in day time and only with bomb squad.

Other units report that near Kurakhovo region there’s 10 buses full of men in masks dressed in black, presumably National Guards members – legalized neo-Nazi Right Sector radicals. Also, in the same region regular Ukrainian army tank drivers were told to “obey Keiv orders of face 8 years in jail”.

Flares are being shot in the air near Andreevka every 5-10 minutes.


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