Brazilian soccer fans showed support for Novorossia

By | January 20, 2015

During friendly soccer game between Brazilian “Lamengo” and “Shakhtersk” from Donetsk, Brazilian soccer fans held up flags of Novorossia and signs in support of Donetsk People’s Republic.

Ukrainian army, after violent over-through of government in Kiev during which nationalists and members of various neo-nazi organizations came to power, has been trying to force local population of Donetsk into submission to new illegal regime in Ukraine. As a reaction to hostility from Kiev people of Donetsk voted to separate themselves from new illegitimate radical government and formed their own democratic country of Donetsk People’s Republic or DPR. Donetsk is located on a land which is historically called Novorossia. Term Novorossia was used to call lands of western Russia (including Donetsk) before they were given to Ukraine by communist regime in 1920s.

Banner on the stadium reads: “Full support for Donetsk People’s Republic”

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