Brazilian volunteer in Donetsk

By | January 27, 2015

Rafael Fernandez was born near Sao Paolo, Brazil. When he was 18 yo Rafael left to France where for the next 3 years he joined French Foreign Legion. Upon return to his native Brazil, Rafael joined police academy. In 2010 he left to Russia. Rafael tried to join Russian army but was denied because of his foreign citizenship. In Donetsk Rafael arrived in September of 2014 where he is fighting as part of French/Serbian unit in battalion Ghost.


Rafael, why did you come here to be part of Ukrainian civil war on the side of self-defense forces of Donetsk?

I came here to fight for the land of my ancestors. Russian people in Donbass want to be free of Ukrainian governmental concept. There was similar situation in Kosovo in 2008, where all western countries supported it. According to international law people have the right to choose their destiny. Most people here want to rejoin with their brothers and sisters in Russian Federation. Similar process was in Germany and Italy in XIX century. Then again in Germany in 1990 and Soviet Union supported it. There is no other way.


How do you feel in Cossack brigade?

I feel at home, with my family! I took an oath to protect Russian orthodox people, but I don’t have to be orthodox. It is an honor for me to be side by side with them. I’ve known about cossacks since I was a child, I respect them for bravery and love of freedom.


How would you describe your political views?

As far as moral goes, I’ve always been ultraconservative, although in some cases I support social views. Today, I identify myself as Eurasian. I’m a follower of Aleksander Dugin and his philosophy.

What would you like to add?

Illegally installed regime in Kiev brought war to this land and they will pay for it. I see that people here want to be free and create their own destiny on their own land. I think Europe will regret its hostile policy toward Russia.

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