Bus full of civilians shot at and burnt by Ukrainian army (GRAPHIC FOOTAGE)

By | September 4, 2014

British journalist Graham Philips was on the scene several days ago at the site where Ukrainian army shelled bus full of refugees. It happened between towns of Hrashevatoe and Novosvetlovka. According to the document found at the scene two young girls and a married couple were among the victims of Ukrainian army. In total there were 9-10 people on the bus. According to the recovered documents following are the names of the killed refugees:

Kuprianova Ksenia

Lysenko Andrei born 1976

Kontseva Yaroslava born 2012

Lysenko Yaroslava born 2008

Polishuk Valentina

Vedmedenko Oksana

Sbitneva Tatiana

Other victim’s documents were too burnt to identify them.


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