Cafeteria owner in Chelyabinsk, Russia feeds Ukrainian refugees for free

By | July 4, 2014

“Meeting Place” cafeteria has become known for opening its arms to those who are trying to escape murders and bombardments of Ukrainian army.

Above the counter there’s a sign that reads “Refugees from Ukraine that are traveling through our town will be provided full course lunch for free. Welcome!”

Free lunch for Ukrainian refugees, Chelyabinsk, Russia

“First refugee came here about a week ago” – says the owner of cafeteria Elena Ponosova – “first lady refugee from Ukraine was extremely shy. She asked for a bowl of soup for her little daughter, they haven’t eaten all day. Of course we fed them both. That’s when I decided to hang a sign that welcomes all Ukrainian refugees here for a free lunch – we have to help people. Later, police officers at the train station began to send refugees here. Announcers at the train station began to send refugees here as well. We only ask them to show passport since we already had some local freeloaders trying to eat for free. We mostly see families with children and elderly traveling through here from burning Donbass region. They are traveling to south Ural, Siberia. We get one or two families traveling through here a day. They are quite. I asked my waitresses not to bother them with questions. However, if they want to talk about their problems we’ll gladly listen.” – says cafeteria owner – “you just missed a family from Gorlovka, three children, youngest is six months old. They left their car and apartment and moved to Chelyabinsk. They have relatives here. However, their relatives have one bedroom apartment and small salaries, so not to be a burden they decided to move to Murmansk to different relatives. How can we idly stand by! We are fraternal nations, we have to help them!”

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