Canadian military aid ends up in hands of self-defense forces

By | September 10, 2014

Canada is known to be rational and anti-violent. Therefore it came as a surprise to all when Canada began supporting nationalist regime in Kiev in its quest against Ukrainians that did not support the outcome of a violent government overthrow.


Canada went on to send military aid to new Ukrainian regime. Local self-defense forces that are defending themselves from Ukrainian army receive most of their supplies by capturing Ukrainian supplies in battle or by intercepting military convoys.

As a result of clashes near the town of Telmanovo 9 Canadian made Streit Group Cougar armored vehicles were captured by local self-defense forces from Ukrainian military. Streit Group Cougar armored vehicles are made in Canada.


Self-defense forces welcome foreign military aid to new Ukrainian regime because they like the vehicles and would like to get more of them.

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