Cease fire in effect – Ukrainian troops are trying to get out encirclement in Debaltsevo

By | February 15, 2015

Ukrainian troops which have been trapped in Debaltsevo are trying to get out by attacking self-defense forces checkpoints. Over 5,000 Ukrainian troops were basically abandoned in Debaltsevo by Kiev. Ukrainian president Poroshenko did not mention Ukrainian troops trapped in Debaltsevo during Minsk peace talks.

Report from self-defense of Donetsk soldier Rog:
“Fighting continues in Debaltsevo, I guess we’ll only see cease fire here when all Ukrainian soldiers will be gone. They keep attacking towns of Kamenka, Novogrigorievka, Logvnovo, Nizhnee Lozovoe and Kalinovka. We’re trying to suppress their fire. We didn’t expect anything else from them.”

Report from self-defense of Donetsk soldier Sych:
“Another cease-fire, here in Bakhmutka it’s quite. We control 31st checkpoint, high ground 175,9, high ground 180 (near village Donetskyi) and Zhelobok.
29th checkpoint and Novotoshkovskoe are still neutral. We were involved in artillery warfare here and seldom attacks from both sides. Right now it’s pretty quite, but we did get shelled few times, so cease fire was violated already. I heard there is fighting in Debaltsevo. We’ll see how long this cease-fire lasts.”


– According to locals in Popasnaya they heard shooting around 5pm.

Report from self-defense of Donetsk soldier Schastlivyi (he’s near town of Chernukhino):
They (Ukrainian army) tried to fight their way past as, but we were able to stand our ground. They shot at us from Chernukhino. We’ve used one of our tanks to suppress fire. We moved back to our positions. There was fighting in Popasnoe as well.

Debaltsevo region Map

Debaltsevo region Map

Message from journalist Dmitry Steshin:
“We were in Logvinivo (near Debaltsevo). It doesn’t even smell like cease fire here. They (Ukrainian army) are shooting artillery weapons. All road here is covered with dead bodies of Ukrainian soldiers.”

Report from self-defense of Donetsk soldier Avas:
“There’s been fighting on the southern front. They shelled us the most in Dokuchaevsk and Telmanovo. Poor Telmanovo region got shelled as far as Pervomayskoe, Grekovo-Alexandrovka, Svobodnoe, Mikhailovka and other where there are no self-defense forces. In Starobeshevo and Komsomolskoe we heard artillery fire until 00:35 on the 15th, 35 minutes past start of a cease-fire.
In the morning of the 15th from Novoazovskoe to Starobeshevskyi region it was quite, no fighting. Closer to lunch time nationalist Azov battalion attacked us near Shirokino, tank battle began.”

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