Chechens always keep their word, Chechen volunteers in Donetsk (video)

By | May 27, 2014

May 27, president of the Chechen republic have often criticized Right Sector movement in Ukraine for its violence against civilians after several Right Sector radicals admitted to fighting in Chechnya on the side of terrorists in 1990s. It was then mr. Kadyrov said that radicals who admitted to fighting against Chechen people will follow dead terrorists.

Fast forward several months, multiple volunteers from Chechnya have traveled to southeast Ukraine to defend self-defense forces that stood up to neo-Nazi and fascist movement. Indiscriminate killing of civilians by Kiev forces have lead to people all across the globe to join in the fight that started during the darkest hours that lead up to ww2 seventy years ago. Fight against those who carried Hitler’s ideas and principles through the years in small communities in western Ukraine and other parts of Europe. Many Ukrainian officials even called fascist leaders a role models. Kharkov governor called Hitler a liberator.

Chechens – fierce warriors from the Caucasus mountains have traveled long way to fight injustice and protect innocent civilians in Russian speaking parts of Ukraine. Many are following in their footsteps. Israeli veterans have expressed desire to help. Armenians have moved food and medicine to Donetsk. Serbs have traveled to Ukraine to join self-defense forces. Many others gear up to help.

Locals cheer and welcome help from far away mountain warriors – video:


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