Children of Lugansk 16-18 yo, too young for self-defense forces, form their own battalion

By | September 2, 2014

Children of Lugansk region that were told that they are too young to join self-defense forces have decided to form their own battalion called “young self-defense” in which they can defend their homes. 72 youngsters, including 24 girls, between ages of 16 and 18 there were turned away from regular self-defense forces. Refusing to leave with refugees and determined to defend their land from Ukrainian army and from neo-Nazi punitive battalions young people stayed. All youngsters hail from towns of Lisichansk and Severodonetsk which are located in what used to be south-eastern Ukraine.

Kids defend land from Ukrainian army

Yaroslav Voskoenko – member of self-formed “young self-defense” battalion. Self-defense forces told kids that they are too young to engage Ukrainian army, but youngsters took defense of their town to their own hands

Last month regional self-defense “Ghost” battalion was ordered by commander Mozgovoi to retreat from town of Lisichansk to wait for reinforcements from Lugansk. When “Ghost” battalion left, 2000 Ukrainian troops started moving toward the city in an attempt to take control of it. Ukr army planned to take the town within 2 hours.  Armed with AKs, 3 machine guns, and 2 sniper rifles kids held defense of their town for two days neutralizing dozens of Ukrainian army aggressors, 3 armored vehicles, and 2 Grads. For two days youngsters held Ukrainian aggressors back. Ukrainian army shelled the town with everything they have, from mortars to artillery. When young people realized that regular self-defense forces might not come back any time soon, they decided to retreat to the town of Alchevsk. Being shelled by Ukrainian army, young people made their way to Alchevsk.

Kids defend their land from Ukrainian army 10971_532867366858232_1626807061091101512_n

Total of 18 young people have died while defending a town where they were born and grew up.



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