Combat Maps

Markings on the maps:

Red – Local self-defense forces of Donetsk and Lugansk

Blue – Ukrainian army, neo-Nazi battalions

March 1, 2015 – both sides of the conflict suppose to pull back heavy artillery weapons:


February 23, 2015


February 17, 2015


February 12, 2015


February 8, 2015


February 3, 2015


February 1, 2015


January 28, 2015


January 25, 2015


January 21, 2015


January 15, 2015


December 6, 2014


November 23, 2014:


November 12, 2014


November 4, 2014


November 2, 2014


October 23:

Ukrainian combat map

September 30:


September 29:


September 28:


September 26:


September 22:


September 15:


September 10:


September 7:


September 3:

– Self-defense forces strengthen their positions west of Kalmius river. Ukrainians shelled local self-defense.

– Three SU-25 plane shot down by self-defense forces.

– Several Ukr armored vehicles and other automobiles destroyed by self-defense.

– Near village Granitnoe Ukr. destroyed bridge over the river of Kalmius to make self-defense forces movement more difficult


September 2:

– Up to five Ukrainian SU-25 plane shot down by self-defense.

– Several towns liberated from Ukrainian aggressors


September 1:

Nothing major really happened. Lugansk airport seems to be free from Ukrainian army and foreign mercenaries from private military companies. Donetsk airport is almost free as well. Some fights of local importance took place.


August 31:

Many Ukrainian soldiers and Nazi battalions are surrendering. Self-defense forces performed several successful attacks in various locations.


August 28:

Everyone was convinced that self-defense forces will liberate city of Mariupol from Ukrainian occupation head on. However, local defenders surprised most military experts worldwide. Self-defense forces sent part of its men around Mariupol’s north and blocked the city from the west and north, to the south of the city is sea and to the east of the city local self-defense forces. Local defenders have come a long way since April when they only had shotguns and hunting rifles. Little by little they captured military rifles and vehicles from Ukrainian army. Today, scattered defense battalions are uniting into an army capable of effectively defending its lands.



August 26:

Local defense forces continue elimination of surrounded Ukrainian attackers. Geography of the conflict changes hourly.


August 24:

These past few days showed self-defense forces in an unusual format. They are turning from small groups of resistance to a united army. Large group of Ukrainian attackers has been encircled near Artemovsk. Ukr forces that are surrounded are: 8th army corpus, 28th, 30th 93th, 95th brigades, neo-Nazi punitive battalions Aidar, Donbass, Shahtersk are also surrounded. Night Aug. 23rd to 24th self-defense forces began massive counter offensive. About two thousand people and 30 tanks that are part of punitive battalions Azov and Dnepr are surrounded. Lugansk self-defense forces were able to cut supply route to Ukr fascists near Lugansk. Front lines are moving north.


August 21:


August 19:

Small units of Ukrainian attackers have sporadically entered the city of Lugansk from the south. Kiev reports that part of the city belongs to them. In reality there is sporadic street fighting in a small part of town, self-defense forces just don’t have enough men to control that part of town effectively. There is no threat to the city of Lugansk. Lugansk airport is still blocked by self-defense forces with some Ukr attackers in it. All in all Ukrainian attackers have around 48-52 thousand troops, 550-600 tanks and armored vehicles, 270 artillery stations, about 15 planes, 5-10 helicopters.


August 17:

Several Ukrainian attacker’s units are surrounded. They are also not doing too great near Saur-Magila hill.


August 15:

Ukrainian attackers have used most of their best military units to try to control Donetsk and failed. After massive counter attack by self-defense forces near Saur-Magila hill eastward and taking control of the part of the border, large number of Ukr attackers found itself surrounded and cut off from supply routes.


August 13:

For the past week Ukrainian attackers have used all available reserves to encircle Donetsk. Hardest was hit southern part of the city. It took self-defense forces several day to get Krasnyi Luch, Miusinsk, and Fashevka back in a counter attack. Ukr attackers have used a lot of resources to try to take control of Ilovaysk, they failed. Ukr attackers are preparing for second attack on the town.  Maneuvering groups of Ukr attackers get encircles on regular basis. Self-defense forces do not have enough ammo and manpower to effectively control Ukr force that is many times fold greater.


August 11:


August 10:

Donetsk is in real danger. Ukrainian attacker’s gains in the south near Snezhnoe and Krasnii Luch are preparations for a more massive attack. Fascist’s success depends on how fast they will be able to create supply path to their forces in Miusinsk. At the same time Ukr attackers have been applying pressure on self-defense forces from the north. Supply route between Lugansk and Donetsk is not restored.


August 8:

Ukrainian attackers are maneuvering around Saur-Magila hill again, failing to take control of it. Ukr attackers got through the defenses in the south and are controlling Latishevo – Rassypnoe – Miusinks which poses threat to all Donetsk self-defense forces. It also threatens to cut off last supply line to the region. First wave of attack was stopped in Miusinsk. Encircled Ukr attackers in the  south have been neutralized and many self-defense forces are free to be utilized in other areas.


August 5:

Ukrainian attackers are attacking self-defense forces in Saur-Magila hill to have clear view to bomb Donetsk and Lugansk. All other Ukr attackers today are just distractions. Control over Mariinka changes hands often. While Ukr army is being reorganized, they are bombing regions with civilian population with greater intensity.


August 4:

Ukrainian attackers by trying to encircle Donetsk ended up being encircled themselves. On Aug 4 Ukr attacked only on two sides trying to regain control of their positions in Mariinka. Ukr lost 3 tanks and a truck with ammunition. Fighting near Saur-Magila hill. Bezler’s men sabotaging Ukr army near Gorlvoka. Mozgovoi’s ghosts are cleaning Popasnoe of the Ukr attackers.


August 3:

Ukrainian attackers have entered Donetsk, they took control of Peski in the north and Krasnogorovka and Mariinka in the west.


August 2:

Self-defense forces began counter attack. Ukrainian attackers have been pushed out of towns of Krasnogorovka and Mariinka. Ukr attempt to storm Shahtersk has been dealt with. From the north Ukr tried to storm Pervomaisk but failed. Important transport hub in Debaltsevo region is under control of Ukr attackers therefore Donetsk is still in danger.



August 1:

Kiev failed in its mission to divide Lugansk from Donetsk. Seems like Kiev has thrown last resorts of people and money to surround Donetsk. Self-defense forces has made several counter-strikes.


July 31:


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