Dashcam captures Russian ‘supercop’ running down chased car on foot (VIDEO)

By | December 9, 2014

Little bit offtopic, interesting news:

Text from RT:

A new dashcam video showing a seemingly superhuman policeman has been making the rounds on the Russian internet. What began as a car chase somewhere in snowy provincial Russia, turned into a Terminator-style scene as a cop charged after a vehicle on foot.

The footage, recorded by a dashboard camera inside a police car, shows a night pursuit of an off-road UAZ car on a narrow slippery road. According to GPS coordinates, the incident happened near Naberezhnye Chelny, the second-largest city in Tatarstan.

After some twenty seconds, accompanied by the wailing of a police siren, the chase takes a sudden twist, as an officer jumps out of the moving patrol car into the snow and chases down the getaway vehicle on foot.

In one ferocious charge, the policeman reaches the fleeing car, flings its door open, and jumps inside.

One thought on “Dashcam captures Russian ‘supercop’ running down chased car on foot (VIDEO)

  1. dash camera

    Certainly one of the interesting dashcam video to emerge on the internet. Although curious to know how fast the vehicle was travelling at while the police officer (on foot) was pursing him. This is why car dash cameras are amusing , as they capture almost everything that happens on and off the road ways.


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