Defiant southeastern region of Ukraine has an army of over 27 thousand strong

By | May 14, 2014

Posts in the city center are signing up local residents in newly formed Donetsk People’s Republic to join republic’s armed forces.

Everyday between 200-300 volunteers sign up. “By the end of the day my hand really hurts from writing” – said one the ladies that records volunteer’s names.

When new recruit is signed up they go to an interview with one of DPR’s officers. If he/she passes an interview they are assigned to unit and are sent to basic military training school.

One recruit who has wife and a kid was quoted saying: “After killings of civilians in Odessa and elsewhere in the country by Kiev’s government I had a lot of rage building up inside of me. Later when they indiscriminately killed more unarmed civilians in Mariupol I simply got up from couch and started walking. I kept on walking until I reached military recruiting station in Donetsk and signed up to defend my neighbors.”


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