“Donbass will be ours” sign above pic of people being killed in Ukrainian government

By | January 1, 2015

Has the world gone insane? Or is it just my country? Few days ago in Kiev Ukrainian politician hang a picture of a tank raunning people over and sign above it that reads “Donbass will be ours”.

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Does it mean that they are ready to kill us all just to have our land? Our land of Donbass was annexed from Russia and gifted to Ukraine by Lenin in 1920s; however, that didn’t change the fact that people that live here are for the most part Russian. People of western Ukraine created a revolution and installed their own president. We wish them all  the best in their indeavors, but we will not live under the illegitimate nationalist regime in Kiev. They created a revolution, killed people and now came to our land to force us into submission. Just let us live in peace in our own little republic where we have our own heroes and stop killing us just so you can have our land, land where our fathers and grandfathers are burried and where I will be burried.
Is this normal in 21st century?

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