“Echo of Moscow” invites Ukrainian fascist to run a blog

By | January 9, 2015

One of the liberal Russian radio stations “Echo of Moscow” which is partially financed from USA invited Ukrainian nationalist Dmitry Reznichenko to run one of their blogs. Reznichenko and his family do not hide their nationalist affiliation as pictures below show. “Echo of Moscow” has been an aggressive critic of Russian president Putin’s policies to strengthen Russian army, economy and his attempts to keep Russian natural gas and oil money in his country. “Echo of Moscow” has also been critical of president Putin for having and independent opinion which does not always corresponds with an opinion of Washington and Brussels.


дмитрий резниченко

Dmitry Rezinchenko

Rezinchenko's wife and daughter

Rezinchenko’s wife and daughter

Rezinchenko's blog at Echo of Moscow

Rezinchenko’s blog at Echo of Moscow

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