Electricians killed by Ukrainian army while trying to bring power back to the city

By | August 21, 2014

Most of the city of Donetsk has been without electricity and running water for days. Ukrainian army bombs the city with everything they have, from 105mm artillery shells to 300mm shells that can do some real damage to ballistic rockets which fascists fired at Donetsk yesterday. It is estimated that in addition to local residents there are at least 30,000 internally displaced persons from nearby regions that are trying to escape Ukrainian army and neo-Nazi radicals.

Today, several electricians have made their way to damaged power lines to restore electricity to the city. As they approached the cables members of Ukraine’s armed forces fired at them killing everyone.

Electricians killed by Ukrainian army

Electricians killed by Ukrainian army

Electricians had no weapons on them. They simply wanted to restore power to the city.

Locals are hungry, tired, and are craving peace. However, Kiev’s cruelty and nationalist discrimination toward locals fuels desire of the people of Donetsk and Lugansk to protect themselves till last breath.


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