EU politicians and ordinary people stand divided

By | August 23, 2014

While EU politicians defend Washington’s interests and publicly criticize Russia for feeding hungry people in Lugansk, ordinary people in EU not only disagree with their country’s official policies, but actively defend their continent’s interests.

It is easy for United States to introduce sanctions against Russia to pursue its national interests. US only trades around 40 billion dollars yearly with Russia. EU trades with Russia over 400 billion dollars yearly and introducing sanction against each other will hurt both – EU and Russia.

Farmers in Spain have burnt EU flags today to protest sanctions against Russia. Video:


Greek farmers could not find market for their produce and gave it away for free to anyone willing to take it.

Prime minister of Hungary Viktor Orban compared sanctions against Russia as “shooting oneself in the foot”.

Finland’s biggest trading partner is Russia. In just few past months trading volume between the two countries has fallen 8% compared to same time last year.

Czech Republic is concerned Russian tourists will stop spending their money in Czech Republic. Also, 5% of county’s GPD is from trade with Russia. Some businesses went as far as posting warnings on USA made products. Signs reads “Warning! If you buy this product you are supporting genocide of civilians in south-eastern Ukraine”:

EU against sanctions

USA made product in EU. Signs reads “Warning! If you buy this product you are supporting genocide of civilians in south-eastern Ukraine

Many people in other EU countries have voiced their concerns as well. From Slovakia to Cyprus ordinary people are concerned.

When Ukrainian radical members of Right Sector were trying to hold anti-Russian rally earlier this week in Hamburg, Germany, ordinary Germans confronted them. Confrontation soon turned violent. Police arrested most Ukrainian radicals and charged them with unsanctioned rally. They are being checked whether they are in EU legally.


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