EuroMaidan burns tires again

By | May 31, 2014

May 31, Ukrainian president and oligarch Petr Poroshenko (born Petr Valtsman) ordered the dismantlement of the barricades that were put up during violent clashes on Kiev Maidan square six months ago to make room for his inauguration.

However, it does not sit well with many EuroMaidan activists who literally lived on that square since October of last year. As a protest against Poroshenko’s orders activists set tires on fire and threw several molotov cocktails on the asphalt. When fire department attempted to put the fire out, same activists blocked fire fighter’s trucks.

EuroMaidan burns tires again, May 31, 2014

EuroMaidan burns tires again, May 31, 2014

mr. Poroshenko (Valtsman) was elected as Ukrainian president about a week ago in a controversial election where most of southeastern region of Ukraine did not participate in the voting. Many observers in other parts of the country saw numerous voting violations and election fraud. In the west and central parts of Ukraine people that did vote were observed to vote more than once, some threw several ballots to the voting bin at one time. At the conclusion of voting process many bins were less than half empty; however, next day Poroshenko controlled news channel 5 reported that more than half of voters came out.

In October of 2013 EuroMaidan gathered in the center of Kiev to protest corruption and oligarch controlled party of regions that was in power just few months ago. Today, an oligarch, founder of party of regions, and former official of the old government was elected to be Ukraine’s president. It is confusing to say the least that same corrupt official that was part of the old system was elected be new president.


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