Former Russian border guard to be extradited from Ukraine back to Russia

By | January 10, 2015

Former member of Russian border guard, born in Vladivostok Russia, member of Ukrainian neo-Nazi Right Sector movement Ilya Bogdanov is likely to be extradited back to Russia instead of getting promised Ukrainian citizenship. In Russia Ilya will have to stand before court for extremism, murder and other crimes committed while in Right Sector nationalist organization.

On his Facebook account Ilya admits in being member of racist Skin Heads movement since he was 14 years old. He also admits that he is not the only Russian nationalist that joined Ukrainian neo-Nazi punitive battalions.

Ilya’s former border guard agents (part of Russian FSB) say that he is dead to them. Noone suspected young aspiring border guard agent in adopting such radical views that were propagated by Nazi Germany 70 years ago.

Ilya’s facebook account:

Ilya Bogdanov:

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