Fierce battles near Kramatorsk – May 18

By | May 18, 2014

May 18, six or more armored vehicles are moving from the town of Yasnogorki to the town of Kramatorsk. On each vehicle there’s 10 men loyal to self-installed Kiev government. Men are dressed in black, some wear camouflage, none have insignias. Men are believed to be part of neo-Nazi radical Right Sector group who are now part of Ukrainian National Guard.


People on the ground report that armed men sent by Kiev are only a few miles away from Kramatorsk. Local residents and self-defense units have engaged radicals.

Local residents report interruptions in cell phone service. Below is a video taken by a local living on ninth floor of an apartment building showing bullet holes from Kiev’s militia indiscriminate shooting in the area.

People near Kramatorsk report that on the premises of Kramatorsk airport beside 300 Ukrainian National Guard are also 70 fighters of an unknown origin.


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