“Fried Separatist” – new dish for Ukrainian patriots

By | November 11, 2014

In one of the Odessa sushi bars “Champion” new items were introduced into their menu. Dishes that can truly be called food for fascists because they mock those who were burnt alive by radical mob of neo-Nazis on May 2 in Odessa trade building.

Visitors can order dishes such as “Separatist with fried salmon” for 64 hryvnas, “glory to ukraine” for 71 hryvnas and “fried titushki” for 168 hryvnas.

dish "fried separatist"

First circled dish: “Fried titushki” second: “Glory to ukraine” third: “separatist with fried salmon”

The owner says that new menu was introduced several days ago and is already becoming popular.

Below are few photos from an event which is being mocked in the menu:

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Videos from trade building in Odessa on May 2: