German woman fights for pro-Russian self-defense forces against Kiev neo-Nazi government

By | July 7, 2014

German citizen – Margarita Seidler has witnessed Ukrainian fascism first hand. For weeks now she has been on the front lines helping pro-Russian self-defense forces combating attacking Ukrainian army.

Margarita Seidler

Margarita Seidler is a German activist and supporter of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic. In this video Seidler spoke about “fascism” in Ukraine, arguing it is worse than the German variant. She also claimed most of Kiev was supporting “fascists.”

After violent coup in February and a regime change in Kiev many radical neo-Nazi politicians have replaced moderate members of the government.


Transcript of Seidler’s speech in English:

SOT Margarita Seidler, DPR supporter: “I had to leave Slavyansk with a great load impeding my heart. It was hard to leave civilians.”
“Modern fascism, the Ukrainian fascism, is much worse than the German [fascism] that we experienced in our country.”
“Unfortunately, the majority of the Kiev population is supporting the fascists. This is very sad. We have to bring them to their senses and pity them.”

Interview with Margarita in German (no transcript):



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