Gorlovka tragedy – children and adults die after Ukrainian shells fall on the town – Photos

By | November 15, 2014

Yesterday – November 14, 2014 at around 6 pm local time town of Gorlovka was shelled with Ukrainian mobile “Grad” artillery weapons from the direction of town of Uglegorsk. As a result of punitive shelling there are six dead civilians including a four year old and a nine year old. Additionally, about twenty people suffered wounds of varying degree.

Addresses of houses that were hit by Ukrainian army are: 17 Bessonova st; 23 Bessonova st; 1 Magistralnaya st. Middle school is localed near 17 Bessonova st which was also hit with one shell. Luckily shell that hit the school did not explode; however, it left a hole in the wall around 2,5 meters in diameter.

At the time of shelling OSCE mission was in town.

Four year old and a nine year siblings died in an apartment with their parents:

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