Here’s how you know you’re fighting Russian army

By | January 26, 2015

I’ve been watching Ukrainian news almost every day for the past 10 months. Almost on a weekly basis Ukrainian media reports that Russian army have entered their territory (Crimea doesn’t count, Russian army has been station there for the past several centuries since before Crimea was gifted to Ukraine in 1954 and occupied by Ukraine in 1991 when Soviet Union broke up). If I were to sum up all the Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine as it is being reported by Ukrainian media, there should be no army personnel left in Russia. At the same time what I have seen on the ground is Ukrainian army attacking parts of the country that do not recognize coup installed nationalist regime and armed militia sent by Kiev trying to conquer those regions.

We got a chance to get Russian soldier’s take on the situation. Here is what he had to say:

“As our Ukrainian ‘friends’ comment on the latest news coming out of Ukrainian media, quoting supposedly intercepted radio communication  from Russian army, I must say this:

Firstly, today we are using digital radio communication using encryption. You can intercept it, but you cannot decrypt it. Encryption codes change at random times. Ukrainian army and self-defense forces of Novorossia are using analog radio communication which can be intercepted and listened. If you try to intercept Russian army communication, all you’ll hear are clicks and other sounds.

Secondly, it would be easy to see if the army in front of you is Russian. First sign is all your communication such as radios and cell phones will stop working. Car batteries, cell phone batteries, tank batteries etc will be depleted of energy. Then, burst of electrical PCBs will occur in all electronic devices. Basically, you won’t be able to start your car or call anyone. Then, all LCD based screens using liquid crystals will stop working. Missile defense systems, radars, and air defense systems will stop working. (USS Donald Cook American destroyer electronics were temporarily disabled when it entered Black Sea near Crimea last year at which point Russian old SU-24 plane 12 times flew over the ship at low altitudes pretending to attack it while ship crew couldn’t get ship’s defenses to work:  ).

Thirdly, any attempt to use guided missiles will fail. At an attempt to launch guided missile, it will explode.

Fourthly, you won’t be able to use drones and low flying planes. Its electronics will simply stop working. Also, we have system called Avtobaza which can land drones (in Crimea Russian army landed two American unmanned spy drones: ).

What’s next? dozens (hundreds if necessary) combat helicopters will cover all roads and destroy any remaining resistance on the ground. Key infrastructure and all HQ bases will be destroyed. At the same time recon units would hunt down various enemy leaders.

That’s what fighting would look like if Russian army was involved. All moist fantasies of Ukrainian media and reports of destroying hundreds of Russian tanks are what they are – fantasies.”


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