Heroes of Novorossia: “Unkillable Stas”

By | November 25, 2014

Field commander of Lugansk “Unkillable Stas” got his nickname after numerous times being an inch from death.
Few days ago on November 20th bullet has passed through the head rest of his car just as he bent over to empty the ashtray. Another bullet did manage to pass through his leg. He refused to go to the hospital. Stas used some cloths and scotch tape to wrap his leg. When asked why he refused to go to the hospital he said: “I’m afraid of needles”. Everyone started laughing, many times they had to saw him up without any anesthetic  in manholes. But Stas was stubborn, he simply refused to go  to the hospital. I guess he really is afraid of needles.


Stas has been wounded, paralyzed, he is officially disabled. However, he is one of the best field commanders. When the mud hits the fan he manages to keep it together, he acts rationally and logically under fire, saving people’s lives.

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Stas is asking those who collect humanitarian help to try and get some insulin and teophedrin for local senior citizens.

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