In Lisichansk Fascists killed 3 minors for helping self-defense forces

By | October 30, 2014

Three 16 year olds on the picture below were captured by Ukrainian national guard several days ago. Shortly thereafter their bodies were found with execution style firearm wounds.

I believe these boys are from the same group in Lisichansk that stood up to the Ukrainian aggression in May/June when locals did not have any firearms yet, they simply blocked tanks and APCs with their bodies. When locals finally took up arms to protect themselves, field commanders refused to take these boys because they are too young. Young men decided to act on their own and performed countless recon missions to see where Ukrainian troops are stationed etc. Some even defended their town when Ukrainian National Guard attacked it.

children murdered by Ukrainian soldiers

Three kids murdered by Ukrainian national guard

RIP kids, evil people were able to get to you, but good men from Donetsk and Lugansk will do their best to protect your peers from the same fate.

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