Israeli Alia battalion joins self-defense forces in southeast Ukraine

By | June 1, 2014

Today, 20 highly trained members of Israeli Alia battalion (Gdud Alia) arrived in southeastern Ukraine to join self-defense forces in a fight against neo-Nazi fascist regime in Kiev.

Battalion Alia was created in 2002. Its mission was to fight terrorism and violence in volatile regions in the middle east. In 2006 it stopped being active military branch and became civil organization comprised of professional military men. Among them are snipers, k9 experts, doctors, special forces soldiers, paratroopers, and other specialists. Many are former Soviet and Russian soldiers repatriated with Israel.


Battalion plans to increase its presence in Ukraine to 200 within a month.

Jews suffered more than any other nation during spread of fascism in 1940s during WW2. Today, same groups that supported spread of fascism in 1940s got political power in Ukraine and are pushing for some of the same ideas as they did 70 years ago. Killing civilians, bombing of schools and children hospitals where children daily hide in the basement became all too common in southeastern Ukraine where Kiev is using its military to impose its ideas on local population.

Israelis now joined Serbs, Chechens, Cossacks, and many other nations that came to defend southeastern Ukraine against genocide of its Russian speaking population.


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