Just in: assassination attempt of Lugansk commander Mozgovoi

By | March 7, 2015

March 7, 2015 car carrying Lugansk commander Alexei Mozgovoi was blown up by three directional mines which were triggered remotely. Mozgovoi and his cortege survived the attack. Mozgovoi has received light shrapnel wounds and a concussion.

Assassination attempt happened when he was returning from Lugansk, right outside of Mikhailovka. Mozgovoi was taken to Alchevsk hospital. He is fine and has already given a video interview.

Despite peace agreement Ukrainian regime is trying to murder locals that are against illegal coup installed regime that climbed to power on the backs of Ukrainian nationalists and neo-Nazi organizations. For almost a year now illegal Ukrainian regime has been trying to submit Lugansk and Donetsk region to their rule by force.


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