Just in: Ukrainian forces resumed shelling Donetsk, some use NATO rounds – VIDEOS

By | May 2, 2015

Shortly after midnight Ukrainian forces began shelling city of Donetsk from tanks and mortars. Some shells hit civilian residential neighborhoods of Donetsk. People call and report that Ukrainian shells hit following place: village of Spartak and Kievsky neighborhood of the city of Donetsk. According to mayor’s office there are battles near villages of Peski and Spartak, Ukrainian forces attack using artillery weapons.

Furthermore, we got reports that Ukrainian forces are using NATO artillery rounds from the town of Avdeevka, which is located not far from Donetsk. Kiev regime is using 155 millimeter rounds from the town of Avdeevka which is only being used by NATO forces and is not being manufactured or used by Ukraine.

Donetsk emergency services are unable to get to hotspots of the shelling yet.



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