Latest in Ukraine as of June 4

By | June 4, 2014

In two days self-defense forces were able to shot down 2 planes and 3 helicopters of an attacking Ukrainian army.

One helicopter has burnt down, second helicopter is laying on its side, third Mi-24 was shot down and has burnt down this morning near Slavyansk.


Two Su-25 planes were shot down yesterday. One has been shot down near Krasnyi Liman, second was shot down north of Slavyansk (pilot has catapulted himself off the plane).

Yesterday near Semenovka has died commander of 95th airmobile brigade of Ukrainian army.

Today, Semonovka has been shot at, bombed, and shelled all day long. Ukr army has even used 240 mm howitzer against the town.

There are 2 wounded among self-defense forces. Ukr army is not very good at artillery fire, and air force does not fly lower than 3 km since yesterday, so it’s hard for them to hit targets as well.

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